Will you Support the Cause?

(21 Years ,303 programs cut, and how many more will follow)

“Go For 5!” Introduced By The Duquesne Swimming Alumni Association

Go For 5! is a campaign to mobilize the swimming community, industry at large, and all of their friends, colleagues and relatives in the pursuit of a common goal.  That goal being to halt the deterioration of collegiate swimming and preserve the sport for generations to come. 

For the past twenty years, you can see from the chart above that swim programs have been cut across all Division levels.  Although the Go For 5! campaign was developed in response to the loss of men’s swimming at Duquesne University on 1/25/10, the campaign’s vision is much broader.  We invite you to view the video below to gain a deeper insight into the impact program cuts are having on current athletes.

A large component of all college administration cuts are purportedly due to the lack of finances to keep programs solvent, as well as Title IX concerns.  The Go For 5!  program serves as a solution to both concerns.  Go for 5! will be an ongoing campaign in order to provide financial and infrastructural support to needy programs, like Duquesne University’s Men’s Swim Program and those similarly situated.

Our current goal is to reach and solicit donations from 1 million people at the $5 or greater level.    We intend to prove the amazing impact $5 can have on saving collegiate swimming.   Help us reach our goal!  (for more information, please visit the about page)